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MAPEI MAPESTOP CREAM Chemical barrier anti-humidity system

  • Type: Chemical barrier anti-humidity system
  • Monomeric silane-based creamy emulsion for creating chemical barriers against capillary rising damp WHERE TO USE Forming horizontal chemical barriers to restore old, compact stone, brick, tuff, concrete and mixed masonry, including masonry of historical and artistic interest, and recently built masonry with capillary rising damp and soluble salts. Some application examples This system is used to block and/or considerably reduce rising damp travelling from elements below ground level through the capillary pores present in all construction materials, particularly when carrying out renovation work on: • existing stone, solid brick, tuff, concrete and mixed masonry in lagoon areas or near to water courses or the sea; • concrete structures; • masonry with internal gaps and cavities after consolidating them by injecting slurry from the Mape‑Antique or MapeWall lines; • masonry where previous barriers are no longer effective, such as bitumen sheets or membranes; • masonry made from cellular concrete blocks; • recently constructed masonry; • existing masonry, including masonry of historical or artistic interest in listed buildings.

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