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MAPEI MAPELECTRIC CP1 Solvent-free conductive admixture

  • Collection: Additives and conductive primers
  • Type: Solvent-free conductive admixture
  • Solvent-free, conductive additive added to primers, smoothing compounds, adhesives and grouting mortars, both cementitious based and in water dispersion, for laying conductive and static-dissipating textile, resilient and ceramic floors.  WHERE TO USE Mapelectric CP1 is a fluid paste which is mixed with the following: • primer in water dispersion; • cementitious adhesives and grout for laying conductive ceramic floors; • adhesives in dispersion for laying conductive fabric, PVC, rubber and vinyl floors. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Mapelectric CP1 is a ready-to-use, neutral-coloured fluid paste made using a highly conductive charge of materials finely dispersed in water, which is added to MAPEI products to make them conductive. The paste is not inflammable and does not contain substances which are hazardous during its handling and application. No special precautions need to be taken for storage purposes. The product has a very low viscosity, which makes blending easy when mixed with cementitious and dispersion products. The characteristics of the products which are thus rendered conductive (adhesive, grout, primer, etc.) are only slightly modified: for example, the hydration time for cementitious products or the drying time of dispersion products may be slightly longer.

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