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MAPEI KERAPOXY ADHESIVE Epoxy adhesive with no vertical slip for ceramic tiles

  • Collection: Reaction resin adhesives
  • Type: Epoxy adhesive with no vertical slip for ceramic tiles
  • Two-component, epoxy adhesive with no vertical slip for ceramic tiles and stone material. WHERE TO USE Internal and external bonding of ceramic, porcelain and stone to floors and walls, on all substrates normally used in the building industry. Some application examples • Bonding of all types and forms of ceramic tiles. • Rigid bonding of bullnose and special ceramic tile shapes. • Bonding tiles in fibreglass swimming pools. • Bonding marble doorsteps and windowsills. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Kerapoxy Adhesive is a two-component, epoxy resin-based, high strength mortar with silica sand and special admixtures, according to a formula developed in MAPEI’s own research laboratories. When the two components are mixed together, a thixotropic mix is obtained which can be easily applied, even on vertical surfaces, at a thickness of up to 1 cm in one single coat. Kerapoxy Adhesive has the following characteristics: • excellent durability and resistance to ageing; • perfect bonding on all types of substrate commonly used in the building industry; • hardens by chemical reaction with no shrinkage, becoming extremely strong.

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