A chair imitating trees: De Lucchi designs Filla

Designed by the director of Domus and created by Very Wood, this wooden natural chair imitates the aging of trees.

Filla, design di Michele De Lucchi, realizzata da Very Wood, 2018.

Filla is a wooden chair designed by Michele De Lucchi (director of Domus) and created by Very Wood. So it is described in the words of the director: “Filla” is, quite simply, short for chlorophyll––and chlorophyll means leaf! In Greek “chloros” means green and “phýllon” means leaf. Chlorophyll is an amazing natural pigment that is vital for photosynthesis and to purify the air we breathe. “Filla” is a lightweight ash wood chair with back legs that branch out to support the two giant leaves that form the backrest. The chair brings to mind the importance of breathing, fresh air, and the green plants that silently and benevolently release oxygen into the atmosphere.”The chair is made of natural or stained varnished ash but can take on different finishes and colors, based on the decor’s needs. The contours of the seat and backrests are characterized by a "peeling" of the ash. The wood so bevelled resembles the curves of the tree growth rings. The passage of time draws sinuous and irregular curves in the wood, an effect that is recreated thanks to the artisanal care of the production.

Michele De Lucchi
Realised by:
Very Wood

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