AI features available on your smartphone now

From image search to real-time translation of phone calls, here’s how artificial intelligence is powering our everyday tasks and changing the way we use our phones.

Over 1 billion smartphones equipped with generative artificial intelligence will be shipped by 2027, according to Counterpoint Research’s latest report, “GenAI Smartphone Shipments and Insights”. Samsung is anticipated to dominate this market, capturing half of it as soon as next year, with major Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, Vivo, Honor, and OPPO following closely behind.

Dubbed GenAI smartphones, these devices are set to transform the mobile landscape by offering more than just programmed responses or predetermined tasks. Using generative artificial intelligence, they will revolutionize the user experience by predicting information, generating live images, and facilitating real-time translations. Yet, similar devices are already available on the market. Curious about what they can do? Here’s a glimpse into how AI is changing smartphones.

Advanced search

A recent addition to Google’s suite of features is Circle to Search, which lets you search seamlessly right from your phone without having to switch to another app. Simply long press the home button or navigation bar on your Android device to activate the feature. Then you can circle, highlight, doodle, or tap any item of interest on the screen to get more information and launch a Google search. The iPhone Magnifier, on the other hand, offers a range of features, including people and door recognition, environmental descriptions, and the ability to read nearby text and interactive labels.

Effortless Cutouts

With iOS 16 or later on Apple devices, users can effortlessly cut out objects and people in photos with a simple long tap and easily import them into various applications such as Pages, the Notes app, or even use them as stickers on WhatsApp. On Android, select Samsung and Xiaomi models offer a similar feature, while apps like YouCam Perfect or AI Cutout Tool use artificial intelligence to automatically isolate subjects. Need to remove or reposition an element? Google’s Pixel and Samsung’s AI offer Magic Eraser, enabling you to seamlessly move objects and fill empty spaces in your photos.

Real-Time Translation

Samsung introduces Live Translation with Galaxy AI, a groundbreaking feature that utilizes AI to translate phone calls instantly. Meanwhile, on the iPhone, the iOS Translate app and Google Translate provide translation services for camera-framed text, such as documents or street signs, but a comparable real-time translation solution for phone calls seems to be missing.

Smart transcriptions

Many use Otter – an iOS and Android app that can transcribe meetings, interviews, voice calls, or conferences in real-time, generating searchable and shareable notes. Meanwhile, Galaxy AI introduces Note Assistant, a feature that automatically summarizes smartphone notes, providing clear and easy-to-review text.

Auto framing

Available on select Pixel models, Auto Framing is perfect for capturing faces, animals, food, drinks or documents. With voice prompts for optimal frame positioning, this handy tool enables even the visually impaired and blind to take selfies independently. In addition, Honor’s AI Motion Sensing Capture offers unassisted, hands-free photography by selecting the perfect moment within 1.5 seconds before and after pressing the shutter button.

Smart phone calls

Honor’s AI Privacy Call dynamically adjusts call volume based on ambient noise, minimizing sound leakage and ensuring privacy during conversations. Meanwhile, Pixel’s suite of AI-powered call assistance features address common issues: Clear Calling improves clarity during conversations, while Call Screen identifies and provides information about incoming calls from unknown numbers before you answer.

These are just a few examples of the transformative AI features already enhancing smartphone experiences. With ongoing innovations like the portable Rabbit R1 AI Assistant and advancements in chatbot technology, like ChatGPT, the future promises even more functional and indispensable AI integrations in our daily lives.

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