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Nendo, The Componibili's for Kartell, 2017

The Componibili’s

For Kartell’s 50th anniversary, Nendo decided to enlarge the Componibili’s collection with a series of everyday objects that have been “componibilized” in white.



To commemorate Kartell’s 50th anniversary, Nendo revamps Anna Castelli Ferrieri’s “Componibili” collection, the cylindrical plastic chest that is one of the brand’s most iconic objects, and a bestseller since 1967.


Nendo’s design studies the possibility of seeing this sculpture-like object as a “big family” that includes cups, wine bottles, and cork, all placed on a side, and all featuring the same doors details as the Componibili’s. The collection enlarged to books, glasses, lamps, and leaves as well as the planters, that have all become part of the new family.

The Componibili’s, addition
Design: Nendo
Manufacturer: Kartell
Year: 2017