Bulbo: Modular Line

Bulbo developed a modular lighting system that activates the photosynthesis process by stimulating the growth of plants in low natural lighting conditions.

Bulbo, Modular Line, 2016
Bulbo developed a LED lighting system for green walls, designed to furnish and stimulate plant growth integrated directly into vertical interiors. Thanks to the use of standard modules, the Modular line is a system that is both flexible and customisable and it allows to cover large surfaces with uniform light. 
Bulbo, Modular Line, LED lamp, 2016
Bulbo, Modular Line, LED lamp, 2016
The LED system emits a coloured light, as a result of a combination of light frequencies selected specifically to activate the process of photosynthesis and to stimulate plant growth. The electrified track is custom made mounted to the ceiling, either recessed or exposed, allows to quickly attach strands of Bulbo lights. 
Bulbo, Modular Line, LED lamp, 2016
Bulbo, Modular Line, LED lamp, 2016
Connection to the electrical system is done with a 12V power adaptor connected to the cable with a DC plug at the terminal. This solution guarantees optimal light conditions for both small cultivated surfaces, single large plants, suspended or climbing plants.

Modular Line
Design and production: Bulbo
Year: 2016

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