Set Architects and the renovation of a timeless domestic environment

The Roman studio translates into contemporary design the different inspirations given by the rich historical context in which the project is located: via Latina, one of Rome’s oldest roads.

“We try to approach all our projects following the philosophy of 'critical synthesis': starting from a complex functional programme, we carry out operations of simplification and elimination of the superfluous until arriving at a clear and synthetic answer.” This statement describes the architectural vision of Onorato di Manno and Andrea Tanci, founders of Rome-based office Set Architects. The architects' stated approach is evident in the renovation of a flat located on Via Latina, one of Rome's oldest roadways.

The project, commissioned by a young couple with children, draws inspiration from the historically rich context in which it is set, translating it into a design in which the space is laid bare and enters into a relationship with the light of the city, understood as a common thread between past and present. The interior design is essential and emphasises the selected materials: wood, metal and lime plaster. The metal furniture was designed specifically for the flat. The choice of the metal and archaic forms is symbolic as well as aesthetic, and can be read as a desire to rethink, in a contemporary key, a material widely used in Roman times for the production of everyday objects.

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