An upcycled display for hand sanitisers inspired by architecture

Permano and Untitled Architecture realized a commercial display object made of reused insulation panels: a new way to perceive disinfectants in a susainable approach.

Untitled Architecture, in collaboration with Permano, developed a display object for hand sanitiser bottles. Totem is designed to present Permano’s spray disinfectants, made with natural ingredients and placed in coloured aluminium bottles.

The display object places together five expanded polystyrene panels and an aluminium sheet: the different heights of rectangular volumes create a multi-level composition and define the support surfaces for the bottles. The polystyrene panels, commonly used in architecture as insulation, are partly recycled, helping to reduce environmental impact. 

This sustainable approach is also emphasised by the combination of the boards: a cotton belt with an aluminium buckle holds all the components without the use of glue. The totem can be installed in a variety of public environments, such as shops, restaurants and hotels, changing the way disinfectants are generally perceived.

Untitled Architecture
Design team:
Bogdan Peric (con-founder), Andrey Mikhalev (co-founder)

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