An exhibition space in China is modeled as an aluminum mountain

Wutopia Lab draws from Taoist symbolism to design an organic architecture, where the sinuousness of shapes corresponds to an original spatial experience.

When referred to architecture, the adjective organic is often the bearer of a fundamental ambiguity: several buildings use sinuous and wavy shapes; very few of them, though, manage to translate this stylistic approach into an actual transformation of the relationship between man and construction, a truly organic spatial experience.

The Aluminum Mountain, the most recent of the projects by Wutopia Lab, a Chinese firm based in Shanghai, is a conscious attempt towards this. The overt circularity of each and every element, as well as the mountain metaphor, clearly hint at Taoist symbolism, but also function as a design strategy. In the words of Wutopia Lab, The Aluminium Mountain is “a layered maze”, where “visitors can lose their sense of time and space, which they might feel as slowed”.

Wutopia Lab, The Aluminum Mountain, Guangdong, China, 2020
Wutopia Lab, The Aluminum Mountain, Guangdong, China, 2020

This is achieved through the short navigation on the artificial basin, which stresses a hiatus from the external world, the labyrinth of circular rooms in the basement, the ramp spiraling up to the upper level with no interruption, and the conformation of roofs, gathering in an unusual landscape of aluminum cones. “In a humanistic space full of symbolic meanings, a space built with modern technology while exhibiting traditional wisdom, we are supposed to feel happiness. To bring a beautiful life: such is the meaning of the third mountain, a celestial palace of our time”.

To describe The Aluminum Mountain, Wutopia Lab makes up an ambitious and emphatic narrative, which certainly needs to be double-checked to the facts. It is nonetheless undeniable that its three aluminum “peaks” stand out, for their originality and brightness, over an urban landscape which is otherwise decidedly dull and opaque.

Wutopia Lab, The Aluminum Mountain, Guangdong, China, 2020
Wutopia Lab, The Aluminum Mountain, Guangdong, China, 2020
The Aluminum Mountain
exhibition space
Guangdong, China
Wutopia Lab
Chief Architect:
Yu Ting
Project Architect:
Xu Yunfang, Li Hao
Project Manager:
Pu Shengrui
Design Team:
Li Ziheng, Pan Dali, Kuang Zhou, Huang He
Ping An Real Estate Co., Ltd. & Fineland Group
Z Studio
2453 sqm

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