United States. The installation by Office Kovacs is a building materials assemblage

With a passion for banality, anomalies and accumulation, the Los Angeles studio conceives a wall that plays with the subtle limit between useful and useless.

Office Kovacs, Wall Assembly, intallation view at Maple St. Construct, Omaha, United States, 2018

At the Maple St. Construct gallery in Omaha, in the United States, Office Kovacs has completed the Wall Assembly installation. The Los Angeles studio is interested in “making architecture from architecture”: it reorganises existing material to think about new proposals. Andrew Kovacs has a passion for waste, anomalies and banality, and plays with accumulation, stratification and assembly.

The project is composed of rough building materials, assembled in a playful way to form a V-shaped wall around an existing column. Kovacs investigates the subtle distinction between uselessness and utility. The installation does not have a precise function, but its positioning in the gallery has the effect of reorienting the space. The material composition dialogues and enhances the existing material situation. The gallery is not in fact a white cube but also has a patchwork of surfaces, exposing installations and irregularities.

Wall Assembly
Maple St. Construct, Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 2018
Office Kovacs
Andrew Kovacs, Erin Wright, Summer Liu

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