Raffaello Galiotto: “With Nardi, we bring the living room into the garden”

The designer talks about Maximo, the new modular sofa. The collection will be presented at the Fuorisalone with the immersive installation Il Giardino dell’Otium.

Extending domestic comfort into outdoor spaces - this is the goal of the Maximo modular sofa, designed by Raffaello Galiotto for Nardi. Creating a dialogue between design and sustainability, Maximo features a structure made of regenerated resin and fabrics with a high recycled content that simply makes countless configurations possible, even just with the single armchair module.

We contacted Galiotto to talk about his new collection, his relationship with Nardi, and what will happen during 2024 Milan Design Week. The conversation with Domus unusually begins with the choice of materials and the environmental impact of the products: "When talking about sustainability, one must consider factors such as the durability of materials - especially outdoors - and the amount of energy needed to transform them into the final product. A material like polypropylene is excellent for outdoor use because it is weather resistant, has low energy consumption, and is 100% recyclable. This choice is also completely in line with Nardi's vision, which, since 2019, has been pursuing the ‘Regeneration’ industrial program for the production of the recyclable outdoor furniture made of recycled plastic."

Focusing on the material also means focusing on the furniture’s ability to interact with a natural environment. “We have made some adjustments to the tactile and visual aspects of the material. We sought a more sober, less artificial perceptual approach, with less saturated colors. The goal was to get as close as possible to natural materials.” This is not a minor detail and is the result of the close collaboration between the design studio and the company. “We have been working with Nardi for 30 years, and on top of that we are 'neighbors’. This greatly facilitates the control of every aspect of the project, from its design to the final product molding. In our opinion, being able to be part of these mechanisms and verify every single detail and technical issue makes the difference.”

Another important feature of our product is its versatility, given by the modular concept behind the seating system: “Bringing the living room to the garden is certainly an interesting suggestion but also one that must deal with practical issues, such as the variability of outdoor conditions. Having conceived Maximo as an easy-to-reconfigure modular system makes it adaptable to different situations and capable of pursuing our idea of comfort.”

The Milan Design Week is a key moment for showcasing both our new products and the company’s imaginary. Of course, Nardi will take part in the fair, but it will also be present at the Fuorisalone with a project in Zona Tortona.

“Il Giardino dell’Otium (The Garden of Leisure) is an emotional-immersive installation inspired by Ancient Rome’s way of thinking. We want to revalue otium (leasure) in contrast to negotium (business), stating that there is time for work but also for the slower time for thought. The installation celebrates the regenerative capacity of taking time for oneself, living in contact with the beauty of nature.” At the Salone del Mobile, the setting shifts from the garden to the forest. “We will insert real tall trees inside the pavilion, building that will be completely deconstructed: no walls nor plasterboard partitions. Inside, the paths will be defined by arrangement plants, which will open up to form small clearings, enriched with Nardi products.”

Nardi at Salone del Mobile:
Hall 18 Stand D23-E22 | 16-21 April 2024
Nardi at Fuorisalone:
Officina 14, via Tortona 14 | 15-21 April 2024
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