Nardi’s vision on sustainability

A conversation with Anna and Floriana Nardi, CEOs of the company specialized in resin outdoor furniture.

“Regeneration” is the name of the project Nardi, a company specialized in the design and manufacture of resin outdoor furniture, launched in 2019 with the goal of producing furniture made of recycled plastic, which can be recycled again at the end of its use. “Regeneration” is not the only project that testifies to the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact. For Nardi, sustainability is a challenge that requires continuous work in terms of change, research, and development, but also adaptation to the economic and social context.

“The collision point between the design industry and sustainability is represented by eco-design. We are talking about products made paying special attention to the elements of sustainability both in the production processes and the use of resources,” explains Anna Nardi, CEO of the company together with Floriana Nardi. “Speaking of processes, we recently replaced all our machinery to optimize energy consumption, and the electricity we use comes from renewable sources. Working towards improving our environmental performance across the board is currently an integral part of our business strategy.”

Nardi’s products are made in a plant that features state-of-the-art technology: the energy-saving hybrid injection molding machines are equipped with a cooling system that uses outside air that, in the cold seasons, cools without using any additional water and consumes very little electricity. “Continuous technological innovation is crucial, both in terms of machinery and the research leading to new proposals,” Floriana Nardi points out, “We are continuously taking huge steps: the latest machinery has a drastically reduced environment impact compared to our earlier equipment and gives greater security in the production of the product.”

If the end customer exhibits increasing sensitive and demanding, our commitment to sustainability represents a long-term investment that requires training and adjustments, as Anna Nardi emphasizes, “It’s crucial for us to communicate every step we take in the sustainability field, as it truly adds value. We strongly believe in change and have chosen to strongly invest in this asset. Different markets respond differently and have varying levels of maturity. From what we’ve observed, the Anglo-Saxon and Northern European regions are very attentive to environmental issues, as well as in America and Australia. While retailers may still require training, we noticed a that customers are very attentive, especially the younger generations and the design community. Above all, our focus lies in creating products that seamlessly integrate quality design and durability, which are synonymous with sustainability.” The CEOs conclude, “Sustainability, for us, also encompasses social responsibility. Our commitment to our employees, our community, and our local territory is ingrained in our company’s DNA. Together with our environmental undertaking – beyond the essential business values – this commitment is the distinctive hallmark of our current management.”

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