Cybertruck and the others: the electric pickup wars are about to begin

Tesla, Ford and a number of lesser known startups are working on electric pick-up trucks that will come out in the next couple of years to try and dominate a new and growing segment of the EV market. Here’s our selection of the six models to watch.

Tesla Cybertruck

With the introduction of Cybertruck, Tesla has changed the rules of engagement for the design of EV vehicles. Along with bulletproof windows and its cybersteel body, Musk’s apocalypse-proof pickup truck will offer a range of more than 250 miles on a single charge, a towing capacity of more than 7,500 pounds and the standard software enhancement of other Tesla car, such as autopilot. It’s supposed to hit the market sometime in late 2021.

Ford F-150

Ford has been working for a while on an electric version of it best selling F-150 pickup truck. In a recent marketing exploit, the company showed how the vehicle would be capable of towing a freight train full of gas-powered F-150. Range and price are still a mystery, like the other specs. The expected launch date is late 2021.

GMC Hummer EV electric pickup

At the latest Super Bowl, General Motors aired an ad teasing the launch of its EV Hummer pickup. The car is due to launch in 2022 with a full reveal set for early May 2020. It will come with motors that are expected to produce more than 1,000 horsepower, enabling the vehicle to reach 60mph in less than three second. Given the size of the car, it’s a scary proposition for anyone else who will be sharing the road with this beast.

Rivian R1T

Amazon-backed startup Rivian is hard at work on its first electric pickup truck, the R1T.
Its electric motors will give it at least 800 horsepower, with a maxim towing capacity of 11,000 pounds. It will come with a battery pack that will allow a range of more than 400 miles. It will cost around $70,000, although Rivian confirmed the starting price could be lower, to better compete with the Cybertruck’s $40,000 price tag. Rivian R1T is expected to hit the road in late 2020.

Bollinger B2

Michigan-based Bollinger is another startup working on the electrification of off-road vehicles. Their second “beta” car, the Bollinger B2, is a pickup truck with a unibody aluminum frame. It’s bound to rival the other ones on this list when it will come to market sometimes in 2021. With an expected starting price of $125,000, it will cater a niche of rich lover of toy-like car designs.

Nikola Badger hybrid pickup

Nikola is a startup from Arizona working on a hybrid hydrogen-electric pick-up truck called Badger. The vehicle is still in a concept phase, but Nikola has already secured a production partnership with a yet to be disclosed European truck manufacturer. The car will have a battery with a 300 miles range, with an additional 300 miles range provided by its fuel cells. The startup is also working on the creation of a network of 700 hydrogen refilling station across America to support the future rollout of its vehicle.

Tesla, Ford, Rivian, GMC, Bollinger, Nikola
2020 - 2022

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