The 21 most iconic PCs of all time

From the 1970s to today, the history of personal computers is full of turning points and breakthrough innovations in function and design, with products going from mass-produced goods to achieving cult status in less than a decade.

To compile a list that follows PC evolution, we’re going all the way back to the 70s, when the concept of making a computer “personal” was still widely regarded as a quirky dream of a few Californians who also happened to like LSD. We then move through the eighties, the decade when the PC revolution finally got real, and the nineties, or the long age of the Beige Box. We finally pick our favorites from the last twenty years, when the meaning of “Personal Computer” underwent a radical change.

Some may indeed object that a list about personal computers should probably end with the iPhone or the iPad, both devices that made computing as personal as it’s ever been. While we don’t disagree, we preferred to keep up with the semantics of the term “PC” as a desk-bound machine built for leisure as much as productivity. After all, despite dire predictions of an imminent demise of PCs around the end of the noughties, Personal Computers haven’t gone anywhere. If anything, they’ve recently proven to be here to stay quite a while longer.

Opening image: courtesy Jonny Caspari, Unsplash

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