Wacom One reviewed by comics artist Pablo Cammello

For a few weeks, Pablo Cammello tried Wacom's entry-level graphics tablet. Here's how it went.

"Hi I am Pablo Cammello, cartoonist, illustrator, narrator of absurdity, member of Progetto Stigma. For years I have been exploring the world of comics far and wide, moving from self-productions to web comics, to publishing with publishers such as Eris Edizioni, Coconino Press and Shockdom". This is how Pablo introduces himself, to whom we put in hand for a few weeks Wacom One, the 13" graphic tablet – or rather, the “creative pen display”, as the company defines it – compatible with Mac, Windows and some Android devices, designed as an access point to the world of graphic tablets thanks to its versatility and price (about 410 euros).

What is your “normal” workflow?
My method has evolved a lot over the years. Currently I work from iPad inking through Procreate, but very often I do the coloring on Photoshop. To make sure I don't miss anything I always start with a pencil sketch I make on sheets of paper.

Wacom One

How did Wacom One change it?
Wacom One made it easy for me to switch from Procreate to Photoshop. In the sense that it allows me to do everything from Photoshop by having the direct contact of the pen on the screen 

Was it easy to install? 
Very easy with a Windows, but very complicated with a Mac. Having a Mac laptop, I needed an HDMI mini jack transformer and found that my Mac version was too old to install Wacom One. 

Is it easy to transport? 
Definitely more than a Cintiq (another Wacom tablet), but the amount of cables you have to carry around is super bulky and you need a box to carry everything. In my job I tend to be very nomadic and Wacom is not something I can easily fit in my backpack with my laptop. 

The Karateka drawn by Pablo Cammello

What is it like to work with it? 
Once you get over the cable thing, working on it is very comfortable. It has speeded me up a lot and it is also convenient for making small animations. At first I noticed that the contact of the pen is a bit detached from the paper and not very precise, but then you get used to it.

Something you drew with the Wacom One, if you show it to me and tell me about it.
Two illustrations, one of a lion in a forest of stilts and another one of a Karateka with giant hands. I used for both of them a monoline, black backgrounds and bright colors. I worked directly on the outline without preparatory sketch and in fact they were two instinctive and super fast drawings to do. 

The lion drawn by Pablo Cammello

Has Wacom One somehow improved your work, even qualitatively, for the time you've been using it? 
It certainly has speeded it up.

The greatest value. 
Being able to use Photoshop directly with pen on screen. 

The worst flaw. 
Too cumbersome to carry.

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