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Freitag, Zippelin, 2017

Inflatable travel bag

Now available on Kickstarter, the Zurich based brand Freitag produced Zippelin, a big and robust bag that features an easily inflatable bicycle inner tube.



For more than 20 years now, Freitag has been using old truck tarpaulins to make robust, multifunctional bags that all look completely different from each other. The Zurich-based bag makers has now produced a big, rugged, one-off travel bag they could recognize anywhere at a distance and never mistake for another at baggage reclaim, even without a label.


The flash of inspiration it took to transform a limp old piece of truck tarp into a stable, large-format travel bag that, even only half-full, wouldn’t exceed the free baggage limit imposed by the world’s airlines took its time coming. The solution Freitag’s product developers and prototype cutters hit on is as unusual as it’s compelling. Because it isn’t based on some bulky frame-like container or semi-finished shell, but actually comes from Freitag’s favorite means of transport. Hidden away inside the Zeppelin is a common-or-garden bicycle inner tube you can inflate with a standard pump and, thanks to the zip, replace quickly and simply.

Fig.10 Freitag, Zippelin, 2017

Fig.10 Freitag, Zippelin, 2017

Manifacturer: Freitag
Kickstarter campaign
Year: 2017