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Laurel Hwang, Plier wall, 2017

Plier wall

Taiwanese young designer Laurel Hwang conceived a flexible piece of furniture for open spaces and offices that transforms itself from a translucent wall to a stand up table.



Plier, by roduct designer Laurel Hwang, is a multiuse piece of furniture that can be used as a dividing wall or transformed through a as a stand up table, through a simple gesture. Designed for open spaces, if features perforated translucent pattern panel forms a spatial boundary, yet not creating isolation.


With the help of hydraulic pistons, Plier can be used as a screen or as a bar table. The structure supports well the surfaces of the furniture in both situations; to reduce weight still retaining its strength, Hwang used thin surfaces with lattice structures with harmonized shapes. The panels feature perforated aluminium sheets, while the overall dimensions are designed to host six to eight people around the table.

Img.4 Laurel Hwang, Plier wall, 2017

Img.4 Laurel Hwang, Plier wall, 2017


Design: Laurel Hwang
Year: 2017