Insect Hotel

The Insect Hotels by Dilna Hammer have been specifically designed to contrast the alarming disappearance of primal impollinators such as solitary bees.  

Dilna Hammer, Insect Hotels, 2017
Created by two nature lovers, Dilna Hammer is a Czech design studio and producer devoted to insect housing with a selection that spans from insect hotels – and grand hotels – to bumblebee, butterfly, bug, and bird houses. Made with handcrafted reused wood, it features structures that are suitable to the different animals they’re meant to host.


The Bee hotels can be placed in a garden or balcony to create hiding places for beneficial insects, during the summer and in the winter, for hibernation. The most frequent guests are lacewings, solitary bees, bumblebees and ladybugs: all tiny, non-aggressive insects that help pollinate and increase the crop. Ladybirds also effectively eliminate aphids. The hexagon shape helps creating different environments for better adaptation.

Img.1 Dilna Hammer, Insect Hotels, 2017
Img.1 Dilna Hammer, Insect Hotels, 2017


The House collection was designed to host only one spices, through the adoption of specific features. An example can be the Bumblebee House, designed with a built-in corridor and a filling made of high-quality fleece, where a bumblebee creates its tube. The Butterfly House is characterized by two longitudinal cuts that help butterflies or moths to safely hide away and hibernate. The Bug House features bottom ventilation that ensures optimal conditions for the year-round living, and is provided with cotton pulp inside for better thermal insulation. Lastly the evergreen Birdhouse selection is meant to help little birds prepare their nest while these in return might catch a large quantities of vermin.

Img.1 Dilna Hammer, Insect Hotels, 2017
Img.1 Dilna Hammer, Insect Hotels, 2017

Insect Hotels
Design and production: Dilna Hammer
Year: 2017

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