Flat table

Jo Nagasaka continues his ongoing research and excercise on epoxy shades and old tables: hues are less saturated and strong allowing the natural shades to emerge.

Jo Nagasaka, Flat Table, 2017
The Flat Table project by Japanese architect Jo Nagasaka from Schemata Architects , is a restoration intervention where he pours coloured epoxy onto the naturally uneven surfaces of used table tops. This way he achieves different degrees of light and shade, creating smooth new surfaces.

Started back in 2009, the project is an ongoing research on shades, colours and textures and the relationship with the existing furniture. The thickness of the solidified epoxy resin on the surface changes naturally due to the undulating original surface of the wood. Nagasaka creates colorful table tops enhancing the beauty of the natural shades, using irregular old wooden boards, that are assembled in various ways. Once poured, the new material ‘levels’ the original planks and gives to old and second hand furniture a new vibe.
Img.8 Jo Nagasaka, Flat Table project, 2017
Img.8 Jo Nagasaka, Flat Table project, 2017

Flat Table

Design: Jo Nagasaka
Collaboration: Shuhei Nakamura (epoxy resin paint)
Year: 2017

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