Madonna Casini

Facing Milan’s Darsena, the tiny newsstand Edicola Radezky hosts contemporary art exhibitions, and it is currently showcasing a piece by Italian artist David Casini.

David Casini, “Madonna Casini”, Edicola Radetzky, Milan, 2017
“Madonna Casini” is an exhibition by David Casini, curated by Andrea Lacarpia within the urban project Progetto Città Ideale as part of the exhibitions series that set Edicola Radetzky – a historical newsstand in Milan – as a space for contemporary art.


The central element of David Casini research is the process of abstraction that combines organic forms to the transcendent, in a continuous crystallization of natural forms into geometries that are aloof and seductive at the same time. In Casini most recent works the images of certain Renaissance paintings are turned into abstract compositions, in which art history and Italian tradition are treated as living material, part of a collective imagination in a constant flux.

David Casini, “Madonna Casini”, Edicola Radetzky, Milan, 2017
David Casini, “Madonna Casini”, Edicola Radetzky, Milan, 2017
The starting point for Edicola Radetzky is the Madonna Casini of Masaccio, completed in 1426 and also known as the tickling Madonna, commissioned by cardinal Antonio Casini, now located at the Uffizi in Florence.
David Casini, “Madonna Casini”, Edicola Radetzky, Milan, 2017
David Casini, “Madonna Casini”, Edicola Radetzky, Milan, 2017
The Edicola Radetzky is a historical structure located on the banks of the Darsena in Milan which was entrusted by Milan’s City Hall to become part of Progetto Città Ideale as a new cultural center with exhibitions visible 24/7. The artist has selected and recomposed within a thin metal frame and in slow motion some elements of the painting. The hand of the Virgin is the only recognizable figurative element, portrayed in the original painting with the inusual iconography of her hand caressing the Child’s chin, Casini interprets Edicola Radetzky as a sort of classical votive temple, in which the sacred is given back in its impalpable lightness, contrasting the aggressiveness of the urbanscape.

until 12 May 2017
David Casini. Madonna Casini
curated by Andrea Lacarpia
Edicola Radetzky
viale Gorizia (Darsena), Milan

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