Best of #Januarry

The ten most read stories in the first month of 2016. In addition to another one published five years ago, suddenly came back today, about Argentina.

Les Voyageurs by Cédric Le Borgne, Lumiere London 2016. Photo Matthew Andrews
London, Kyoto and Beirut are among the cities in the background of the best stories this month. But many of you, especially from Argentina, have rediscovered an old article about Tupac Amaru, published in 2011, wich tells about a model for a possible alternative to gated communities and social housing.

– Parisotto Formenton Architetti renovated a holiday apartment on the Swiss Alps highlighting the space design with wood, stone and raw concrete.

– Several opened and functional objects based on the outline of the typical Dutch home play a game with the surface of the main mass of this modernized farm by Studio Prototype.
Skene Catling de la Peña, Flint House, Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, Regno Unito. Photo James Morris
Top: Cédric Le Borgne, Les Voyageurs, Lumiere London 2016. Photo Matthew Andrews. Above: Skene Catling de la Peña, Flint House, Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, Uk. Photo James Morris

– Skene Catling de la Peña responds to a site in Waddesdon, a large estate in Buckinghamshire, with a building generated from a neolithic material, the geology and the immediate ecosystem.

Beirut, with its multi-polar geography, remains a theatre of conflict and local micro-wars; it is a city in need of a new housing policy – as the Syrian refugee crisis has revealed.

 – The Spanish food designers food&event play with food in a series of images that ironically depict our daily life in the office, suggesting to change the perception of the desk’s space.

– Produced by Artichoke, the festival Lumiere London transformed 30 locations for four evenings with 3D projections, interactive installations and other light works.
food&event, Tasty Office. Photo Reni Wu
food&event, Tasty Office. Photo Reni Wu

– Given the site’s location, in the heart of the historical brick-making area in Melbourne, Ola Studio showcases how the material continues to be successfully detailed for contemporary architecture.

– Florian Busch-designed restaurant, adjacent to one of Kyoto’s most intricate network of night alleys, is a coherent, continuously varying space stretching over eight levels.

– Designed by RIES, a group of young designers, Alpina is a collection of furniture, based on the use of metal declined into four basic elements: table, desk, chair, shelf.

– For the refurbishment of this apartment in Barcelona Anna & Eugeni Bach create an open space which accommodates all the functions, exploiting its exceptional height.
Anna & Eugeni Bach, Riqualificazione di un appartamento sulla Gran Via, Barcellona, Spagna. Photo Eugeni Bach
Anna & Eugeni Bach, Apartment Refurbishment In Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

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