Cucina futurista 2.0

On view during the Vienna Design Week, chmara.rosinke’s project encourages chefs to seek new approaches by working closely with designers.

chmara.rosinke, Cucina futurista 2.0
Fascinated by the culinary manifest of the futurists, Ania Rosinke and Maciej Chmara developed their Cucina Futurista 2.0, a project started with the Nespresso Design Scholarship they have received at the end of 2014.
In 1930 Filippo Tommaso Marinetti published his manifesto of the futuristic kitchen. Alongside recipes developed by the then popular chef Bulgheroni as well as fellow futurists, the manifesto contains a theory of futuristic diet and tirades of hate against pasta.
chmara.rosinke, Cucina futurista 2.0
chmara.rosinke, Cucina futurista 2.0. View of the installation during Vienna Design Week

Marinetti’s radical approach in the presentation of food and the scenography of dinner are impressive. One evening, for example, Marinetti had all guests entering the restaurant change into clothes designed by him. Each costume was made out of a different textile with a different haptic experience. Marinetti strived to accentuate the stimulation of different senses during the evening.

In this tradition the Cucina Futurista 2.0 propagates a new radical design for the haute cuisine to encourage chefs to seek new approaches by working closely with designers. Rather than pushing the design of the crockery itself to the fore, the designers want to set limitations to the boundless possibilities of the white plate new creative solutions will arise. These restrictions do not only concern the presentation of the dish, but also the kitchen equipment. Apart from the creative aspect, this shall guarantee a broad reproducibility of the dishes.

Cucina Futurista 2.0
Design: chmara.rosinke
In cooperation with: Bosch

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