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Andrew Fu and Michelle Chen, For display purposes only

For display purposes only

Andrew Fu and Michelle Chen developed a series of hybrid food objects that embrace the superficiality and absurdity of contemporary consumption.



Originating from a small island on the southern tip of Japan, the square watermelon was initially conceived of as a space-saving solution.

In a country where real estate (especially fridge real estate) was scarce, the watermelon offered a form that could more efficiently occupy space. The cube, compared to its more curvaceous cousin the ellipsoid, is much better suited for living inside.

Starting from this absurdity, New York-based designers Andrew Fu and Michelle Chen conceived their project the project For display purposes only, on display in April at the Tjaden Experimental Gallery at Cornell University and funded in part by a grant from the Cornell Council of Arts.

For display purposes only
Design: Andrew Fu and Michelle Chen