Best of #3Dprinting

3D printing, the duality between uniqueness and mechanical production, the possibilities for potentially infinite customization, pose new questions to designers and makers. In this week Best of we suggest some projects that respond to these questions in different ways.

Best of #Stampa 3D
3D printing allows the production of objects, shapes and textures that would be impossible otherwise.
It allows also the capability to produce small and very small scale series, with the possibility of potentially endless customization.
In conjunction with the second edition of the Maker Faire in Rome (visited for us by Chiara Alessi), in this week Best of we tell you ten stories of designers, makers and industries that developed in a new way the 3D printing potential.

Icosaedro, Machine Series: Machine Series is a platform that lives between industry and artisan, producing elegant everyday objects through approachable, open source manufacturing technologies.

Interieur Awards 2014: The Grand Prize of the Interieur Awards 2014 – organized by Biennale Interieur – goes to a table that makes sense of digital printing.

Maya Ben David, Bypass: Starting from her interest in 3D printing, Israelian designer Maya Ben David developed Bypass, a system case study of water pipe fittings.

Energy Addicts: With this jewellery collection Naomi Kizhner reflects about how far will we go to in order to “feed” our electricity addiction in the world of declining resources.

.bijouets: The young brand .exnovo joins .bijouets that declines 3D printing and traditional techniques in a range of jewelery and accessories, including a line of customizable sunglasses.

Printable futures: With the KamerMaker — a movable 3D printer pavilion — and a proactive approach, DUS architects seek to push the boundaries of this technology: in a co-creation process involving the community and multiple stakeholders, they propose 3D-printing an Amsterdam canal house, room by room.

3D Printed Ceramics: With his Functional 3D Printed Ceramics Olivier van Herpt is looking to “bake in” the randomness, uniqueness into the process in order to every time get a truly unique piece.

Lovegrove, Foliates: Ross Lovegrove designed for Louisa Guinness Gallery “Foliates”, a collection of 18ct gold 3D printed ring inspired by leaves and leaf structures, launched in Art Basel Miami.

Don’t Run Beta: Don’t Run - Beta is a pilot production line initiated by Eugenia Morpurgo and Juan Montero. It is an experimental system focused on illustrating the possibility of a transparent, open and collaborative production line for shoe making and design.

Architecture-by-Bee: Geoff Manaugh and John Becker imagined a new urban bee species to be used as a low-cost biological tool for repairing statues and architectural ornament, even producing whole, free-standing structures such as cathedrals.


Top: Olivier van Herpt, Functional 3D Printed Ceramics

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