Hybrid lofts in Venice Beach that are both home and office

Part Office has converted residential buildings overlooking the Venice Beach waterfront into a series of lofts that hybridise living and working spaces.

One of the most interesting trends in interior design concerns the evolution of office spaces: innovative models are being tested for a constantly changing corporate culture, multifunctional spaces, hybridisations between physical and virtual, and between work and leisure.

A perfect example of this approach is the Venice Lofts project by the Los Angeles-based firm Part Office, which has refurbished two residential condos on the Venice Beach waterfront in Los Angeles into 12 separate units. Existing regulations required leaving the envelope unchanged and a 50/50 division of “living” and “working” spaces. The latter constraint creates an ambiguous condition around which the architects built the entire project.

Part Office, Venice Lofts, Los Angeles, 2021
Part Office, Venice Lofts, Los Angeles, 2021

First of all, not knowing the future inhabitants, each unit is flexible and neutral. It therefore differs from many similar projects that aim with a bold design to represent the irreverent and dreamy soul of start-ups, spatialise their ability to innovate and immediately display that foolishness that is now imperative. 

The units feature a “residential” lower floor and a “working” upper mezzanine. The ground floor includes a compact kitchen, toilets and a meeting room. Here the spaces are adjustable with a row of accordion doors and porthole windows. The double-height rooms are completely open, with only slender columns to suggest potential divisions. The upper level of each unit is also undivided, with separate areas hinted at by changes in flooring.

The ambiguity of the design is confirmed by the furniture, which is modular, flexible and can be used for both domestic and work purposes.

Venice Lofts
Part Office
Jeff Kaplon, Kristin Korven, Israel Ceja
Barling Construction
Cactus Store
4,087 sqm

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