In Denmark, Adept completes a building designed for disassembly

The Braunstein Taphouse in Koege is a mini-hangar realized uniquely with mechanical joints, without paint or grout, and ready to settle in a new location if need be.

In the small Danish town of Koege, Adept completes the cafeteria and visitor center for the local Braunstein micro-brewery. Even more than for its spatial and formal qualities, the building is remarkable on a technical plan. The Braunstein Taphouse, is fact, is conceived in order to be entirely and rapidly disassembled, if need be, based on two different and complementary considerations.

A general environmental consciousness, taken in the broad sense of the term, suggests to reduce the quantity of non-reusable materials, considering right from the start their possible second life. The specificity of the project site confirms the soundness of this choice: the Braunstein Taphouse stands on a publicly-owned stretch of land, that the municipality might reclaim in the next few years, to implement strategies of climate adaptation.

Adept, The Braunstein Taphouse, Koege, Denmark, 2020
Adept, The Braunstein Taphouse, Koege, Denmark, 2020

Therefore, Adept’s project limits to the bare minimum the mix of incongruous materials; it is realized uniquely with mechanical joints, for instance for the wooden floor and for the polycarbonate roof; it also avoids the use of paint or grout for the external walls and internal partitions. These expedients are paired with more common solutions, including the use of solar panels to make the building partially self-sufficient, and the definition of a configuration that facilitates natural cross-ventilation.

A welcoming center for visitors to the brewery, the Braunstein Taphouse also aims at becoming the new core for the community life of Koege’s harbor. The restaurant and cafeteria on the ground floor open up to the city through their entirely glazed façades, while rooms on the first floor can be booked for public or private events. Imagined to be re-assembled elsewhere, the building is shaped as an elegant mini-hangar, one that is sensitive to the port’s atmosphere but also generic enough to adapt to other places.

Adept, The Braunstein Taphouse, Koege, Denmark, 2020
Adept, The Braunstein Taphouse, Koege, Denmark, 2020
The Braunstein Taphouse
taphouse, visitor center
Koege, Denmark
Braustein Brewery
1,000 sqm

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