Pure BioAir lamp ensures holistic well-being

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Besides guaranteeing perfect lighting comfort, the lamp produced by OLEV sanitises environments, providing safety and well-being for people.

It is well known that the lighting of a space has a major impact on the activities carried out within it and on the health of the people living in it. There are a number of factors, parameters and physical quantities that need to be taken into account during the design phase, bearing in mind that the best specific solution must be studied for each environment. Light that changes according to the time of day and the user's preferences can improve mood and increase visual comfort. It can also reduce stress and discomfort compared to constant lighting.

With this in mind, OLEV develops intelligent lamps that can vary temperature and light intensity on command, or automatically mimic the natural variation of sunlight throughout the day.  Born in 2014 from an idea of Andrea Lanaro – an entrepreneur who had already been active in the lighting sector for 25 years – the brand was the first to offer a catalogue of decorative lamps exclusively using LEDs.

OLEV's new Pure BioAir lamp takes a step towards a holistic concept of wellbeing and features an integrated system that safely filters the air and sanitises rooms. The BioAir technology, developed by the Italian company, harnesses the bactericidal power of UV-C light, which is effective in combating the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms.

Pure BioAir completely conceals the UV-C source because, according to scientific studies, direct exposure to these rays without specific precautions can cause irreversible damage to eyes and skin. Pure BioAir therefore draws air into the luminaire, filtering it through a UV-C light source integrated into the luminaire, hidden from view and in no way projected towards people. 

The power of its technology makes it possible to achieve 79% germicidal efficiency: the lamp is able to filter the entire air volume of a 30 cubic metre office in 8 hours. The surface treatment is also carefully studied: the paintwork is protected by a transparent anti-bacterial film based on microencapsulated silver ions, effective against 99.99% of germs and bacteria. The lamp's LED light beam is directed downwards and, thanks to lamellar screens, does not risk dazzling anyone, no matter where they look at it. Pure BioAir also has a green kit, consisting of Tillandsia, which can absorb polluting particles and improve air quality.

All in all, Pure BioAir provides environmental qualities that go far beyond lighting, with all-round well-being in mind.

All professionals, Domus readers, interested in receiving in receiving the OLEV kit, with catalogues and magazines focusing on designer lighting, can request it for free at: www.olevlight.com/risorse-per-progettisti
Pure BioAir lamp
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