The essence of design

Sovet’s investigation into the qualities of materials, surfaces and minute details has produced a complete and defined image of the notion of essentiality in contemporary interior design.

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STYLE Bangkok

The style of a continent

The world of Thai design comes together at the end of October in Bangkok, intercepting the energies of the whole of Asia and thus aiming to play a key role on the international circuit.

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Eating water and drinking stone

Two worlds of opposing nature such as food and stone, find at Marmomac 2018 a place in which to establish a privileged dialogue mediated through 12 experiments of fluid design.

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On the Stone Raft

Like in the famous novel by Saramago, Renzo Piano Building Workshop has created, with the help of Mapei, a design that exceeds the standards of the European continent

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Open devices for free spaces

Fitting in with grand theme for the latest Venice Biennial, the exhibition Free is More places in relation vast design principles with architectural solutions for the individual.

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Speciale Domus Academy

City of Students

In the heart of Milan there is a city within a city that houses a world of many languages and multiple design dialects: the dialogue between them takes place as if they had always known each other.

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A city for design

Announced as the most important edition of the decade, Cevisama 2019 in Valencia will highlight all the qualities of ceramics and natural stone for architecture and interior design.

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Super Normal Architecture

Viessmann transforms an anonymous villa in the Vicenza area into a laboratory of environmental sustainability and energy saving.

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