A return to the kitchen during lockdown

Rediscovered while we had to stay at home, it looks like the focus will still be on the kitchen also during the post Covid-19 era. Here are some tips so as not to lose those new good habits.  

With health and government officials around the world were urging us to stay home as much as possible in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have rediscovered the time and the pleasure of the kitchen that reconfirmed itself, triumphant, the fulcrum of domestic life.

If we assume that the idea of home and built space in general is a cultural artefact, it follows that its limits are flexible and go beyond its physicality. The home, and its kitchen, can be interpreted as a diffused entity: not only as a place dedicated to the preparation of food but as the actions of cooking in a given environment. Given that the kitchen environment will see its centrality reconfirmed in the post-Covid-19 era, from workspaces that lend themselves to conviviality to homes increasingly open and free from clear separations, the challenge for the architect becomes to condense the practical functions of the kitchen into a space in which the kitchen itself has to be incorporated without having clear confines. With the main functions resolved, the kitchen has to be able to interpret the lifestyles, actions and needs of people and become a vehicle for conveying an identity.

So as not to lose the new good habits acquired in recent weeks, here are some tips from the Domus editorial staff to rediscover the pleasure of being in the kitchen.

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