Novecento, stone with a Pop twist

Vaselli launches a table collection inspired by Tuscan vernacular design. And with an unexpected splash of colour

"We launched the Novecento line in 2022 and always had the feeling that it hadn't yet fully expressed its potential. The expansion we're presenting this year is precisely aimed at enhancing it, introducing, on one hand, new pieces and, on the other hand, a more efficient construction philosophy, which makes them less complex for us and therefore more convenient for the customer". Andrea Vaselli summarizes the rationale that led the family company to enrich the series signed by Daniele Lotti with new tables, coffee tables, consoles, and pocket emptiers with a stone top and iron base.

Pieces that, inspired by Tuscan vernacular design, evoke the furnishings still found today in farmhouses and summer residences in hillside villages and reflect a culture of living marked by Latin otium: conviviality, beauty, balance. "The structure of the first elements I had designed," explains architect Lotti himself, "consisted of slender wooden uprights connected by metal nodes, a solution of great refinement and aesthetic impact which, however, was extremely demanding to produce and therefore more expensive both for the company and for the buyer. For these new pieces, instead, I opted for modular iron legs, standard for all elements, which makes the entire process smoother and more convenient.

From an aesthetic point of view, I wanted to give an unprecedented pop touch, combining stone shades with delicate colors - desaturated like country plaster - and often in contrast. A way to lighten the stone gravity without diminishing its charm." In the case of Novecento, painting is an operation that - between filling, sanding, masking off various portions, and several coats of paint - requires time and care like a work of art.

Provided that Vaselli can accommodate any customization request, for Novecento, the company chose to focus on four varieties of stone: breccia capraia, tower stone, Carrara white marble, and Beccagli travertine. While the modular iron structure makes production scalable and therefore "almost industrial," the artisanal approach to the top, obtained from solid stone, remains unchanged. In the case of tables, this is reduced to a sheet of about 3 cm thick, hollowed out in the center to allow for interlocking on the metal structure, with considerable weight savings. Among the collection's most remarkable pieces for the quality of the workmanship is Fagiolino, the pocket-emptying cabinet made with three different stone finishes: brushing on the top, patination on the solid body, and veining on the drawer front.

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