Alba Zari captured the atmosphere of “Pedocin”, a bathouse in the center of Trieste, Italy, divided by a wall, where they have two separate areas for men and women.

Alba Zari, il “Pedocin”, Trieste
A bathhouse in the center of Trieste where they have two separate areas for men and women. A very chaste tradition born during the Hapsburg Empire, which has been kept ‘til now, in spite of Trieste’s many political and its citizens’ ethical views changes. The fame of “La Lanterna”, affectionately called “Pedocin” by Trieste’s citizens, shows, once more, the well known peculiarity of the citizens of Friuli Venezia Giulia Chief town. Nowadays, when beaches are the favorite spots of sensual games made of eye contacts between men and women, the “red blazon” people prefer separation between genders, the tranquil familiarity of male company with males and female company with females.
Alba Zari, Pedocin, Trieste
Alba Zari, Pedocin, Trieste
The central core of this photo project is dualism: a space divided by a wall. What separates the two sides, is something even more insurmountable of a bricks wall, it’s the gender’s difference: women finally free from the suffocating need to appear beautiful and attractive to the male counterpart, let surprise themselves by stolen photo shoots, however, they do not peep to see what’s happening on the other side. Men, on the other end, encouraged by their peers, often peep on the women’s side, from which are separated by a wall which reminds of the Soviet Union, posing at complete ease in front of the only women to whom is allowed to enter their side of the bathhouse: the two young Photographers. The ladies of the Pedocin become exhibits of looks, gentlemen take the active role.
Alba Zari, Pedocin, Trieste
Alba Zari, Pedocin, Trieste
The dualism in space, in emotional and social dynamics, in the subjectivity/objectivity binomial, showed very clearly also in the photographic technique. They used two tools: a digital camera, small and discreet, in order to easily capture the instantaneousness, catch the moment, the instant. And a traditional old style camera, big, heavy, which requires long time for developing and printing, and a more direct and patient approach with people. “May I take a picture of you?” this question is as a bolt in the blue which tears apart the tranquility of people who thought they were going to spend a day without worrying about their looks. In this time of increasing insignificant and standardized photos, photography is coming again to mark a breaking point.

Alba Zari was born in 1987 in Bangkok, Thailand. Graduated at DAMS in Bologna, Italy in Cinema critics. Specializes in Visual Design at NABA in Milan, Italy, and in Documentary Photography at the International Center of Photography in New York, USA. She is working as a photographer and is especially committed to projects in the welfare/social sector. She has done projects in the urban field.  

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