Architecture of Exodus

Marco Tiberio photographed the refugee camp in Calais to talk about immigration from an unusual perspective, the ones of architecture and urbanism of this place, whose homes can tell us much more than we think about the refugees life and origins.

Marco Tiberio, <i>Invisible Cities. Architecture of Exodus</i>
When we talk about the recent refugee crisis in Europe, the lack of different languages is giving back rather a sterile and standardised information where the “interesting” is represented by what people wants to see: most often, grieve and poverty.
As a new European social class, refugees – especially non-Europeans – deserve a much deeper analysis than the one that has been carried on until now.
Marco Tiberio, <i>Invisible Cities. Architecture of Exodus</i>
Marco Tiberio, Invisible Cities. Architecture of Exodus

The project wants to tackle the topic of immigration and look at it from a different perspective. Through the analysis of the shelters’ architectural structure in relation to the their owners, Marco Tiberio want to underline the importance of the migrants’ cultural background and the power of their links with the mother land. In situations of despair and alienation, these connections prove to be even stronger. In the “jungle”, your home and community are the only place where you feel protected.

With this project, presented in rather a serial and cold manner, but which hide hours and hours of chitchats with the refugees, he want to analyse immigration from a different perspective, because behind a simple house made of wood and plastic, there is much more than we expect.

Marco Tiberio (b. 1988) is an Italian photographer and multimedia researcher based in Brussels, who mainly works in series. In 2015, he started developing his project “Invisible Cities. Architecture of Exodus” during the Photo Masterclass at Fabrica Research Centre. He likes to analyse different topics through approaches borrowed from other disciplines in order to trigger discussions. In his works he makes use both of photography and methods of appropriation, extraction and composition. He is also the co-founder of creative studio DeFrost.

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