Brian Eno designed another glowing turntable-sculpture

Turntable II is a new limited edition artwork by Brian Eno. It blends light and music in unpredictable and fascinating ways.

Back in 2021, Brian Eno launched its first Turntable, a glowing record player developed through a collaboration with Paul Stolper Gallery in London. 
With Turntable II, Eno is returning to the same concept, although with some design adjustments. The new Turntable's base is round, with two acrylic discs layered on each other, while the Pro-ject arm is white instead of black.

Like its predecessor, Turntable II is an ambient piece and a high-quality record player. Each disc can change its color independently, following a randomized light pattern programmed into the device. The product can just be employed as a light sculpture when not playing vinyl.

“Several overlapping light cycles will keep producing different colour balances and blends – and different shadow formations that slowly evolve and never exactly repeat,” Eno Said about the Turntable II. “I’ve never ceased to be fascinated by the amazingly intricate, complex, and unpredictable results produced by simple deterministic systems. Out of simplicity, complexity arises. That is for me the most incredible idea of evolution theory.”

Turntable II is on display at the Paul Stolper Gallery in London until 9 March 2024. Only 150 signed units are available, with a starting price of £20,000.

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