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Studio Raanan Stern, Apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel

Apartment in Tel Aviv

With a simple brick wall that divides the space into three parts Raanan Stern adapted a 1930’s apartment into a place that responds to modern needs.



Studio Raanan Stern architect redesigned a Bauhaus apartment in a residential building built in the 1930’s.

The International Style building is located in the center of the Tel Aviv’s White City and in the last few years has gone through extensive restorations of its exterior. The division of the interior of the apartment was customized according to the occupant’s needs, a business man who divides his life between cities.

Studio Raanan Stern, Apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel

Studio Raanan Stern, Apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel

The new design has kept the architects love and values of a modern 20th century apartment. A new brick wall, on which local works of art are hung, divides the apartment into three parts.

The dividing wall was left exposed and painted with a gentle gloss, resting on a concrete slab floor on one side and on an oak wood on on the other. The floor defines the functions of the home, between public and private. The sound system and AC are placed throughout the house and hidden behind wooden doors in the lounge. The bathroom is wholly made from thin metal profiles connected to each other and meshed glass almost like a patio in the center of the apartment which becomes the entrance for natural light source.

Studio Raanan Stern, Apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel

Studio Raanan Stern, Apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel

The light sources in the home are a mixture of modern and older fixtures such as the two hanging lights above the dining area which were dismantled from an old factory in the Czech Republic. Every piece of carpentry was planned by the architects and customized to the needs of the owner. Opposite the lounge is the dark blue wall which conceals the kitchen which is painted in the same color.

The central concrete beam was exposed and divides the public space between the lounge and kitchen. The metal beam in the guest room was exposed and painted black. The windows and doors of the apartment are an identical copy of those that were in the apartment 80 years ago when it was built, in color and style.

Apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel
Program: apartment
Architects: Studio Raanan Stern
Design Team: Raanan Stern and Shany Tal
Area: 75 sqm
Completion: 2015