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Studio Thier&vanDaalen: Interior Reflections

Interior Refections

Interior Reflections by Studio Thier&vanDaalen ia a series of objects, that combines chunky wooden blocks with coloured plexiglass filters and mirrors, to play with light and refection.



Studio Thier&vanDaalen will launch at Blickfang Hamburg from the 28th until the 30th of November, a new series of interior accessories, named “Interior Refections”.

With these objects, you can play with light and refection yourself. Chunky wooden blocks, combined with coloured plexiglass flters and mirrors for various applications such as a vase, candleholders, mirrors and more.

Studio Thier&vanDaalen: Interior Reflections

Studio Thier&vanDaalen: Interior Reflections

To start with the mirrorvase, where you can admire a fower from top to bottom because of the mirrored base. Next to that you have a high and low tea light block, with its coloured flter in front of the candle to create a coloured trace of light on its surrounding. And at last, a table mirror and candleholder with large colour flter for the right atmosphere. Aside to the choice of coloured flters, you can opt for Ash or Walnut for the little logs. The series will grow out in a family of geometric objects where materials are combined to create maximum effect and bring the right ambiance.

Materials: Ash or Walnut, mirrored glass, glass test tube, plexiglass flters in various colours.

Interior Reflections
Design: Studio Thier&vanDaalen