EXPO: Kuwait Pavilion

The EXPO 2015 Kuwait pavilion, designed by Italo Rota, tells the story of how the Kuwaitis are using education and technology to build a society capable of contributing to global development.

Expo: Padiglione Kuwait
The country’s message which will be presented on the occasion of the unveiling of its Pavillion at the 2015 Milan Universal Exposition will showcase a fertile and hospitable land, built thanks to the proper use of its natural resources.
It is also an opportunity to talk about the ongoing ideas and solutions for food production in Kuwait and to strengthen the existing relations with Italy and its people.
Kuwait Pavilion
Italo Rota, Kuwait Pavilion, EXPO 2015
The architectural project, designed by Italo Rota, intends to represent the extraordinary mix of cultural tradition and scientific modernity which are the basis of contemporary Kuwaiti society and identity, modeling the appearance of the Pavilion on the profile of “kuwaiti” sails of traditional boats (Dhow) still in use in the Arabian Gulf waters in addition to the surface of greenhouses and hydroponic agricultural systems of Kuwait.

The tour itinerary is a sensory experience composed by a number of stations and analogical and multimedia interactive applications.

It begins presenting the natural elements that constitute Kuwait’s identity – desert, sun and water – and it goes on illustrating how the cooperation of education, technology and science is helping Kuwaitis to build a modern, energic and ambitious society, capable of contributing to global developement and to feeding the world.

Italo Rota, Padiglione Kuwait, EXPO 2015
Italo Rota, Kuwait Pavilion, EXPO 2015
So, the exhibition displays a great number of sustainable projects Kuwait has developed in the fields of desalination and water re-use, renewable energies, humanitarian help, agriculture development and fishing resources.
This journey ends introducing the audience to Kuwait society great hospitality and energy in a large area that reproduce a traditional souk, where they can discover and purchase the county’s main products. Among the fragrance of perfumes, the scent of incenses, the bright colors of spices and the fire of a no-stop kitchen, they meet sellers, cooks and narrators that become ambassadors of a country ready to tell his story to the world.

The Kuwait pavilion is designed to represent those natural resources that are essential to the development of life, such as water and light.

This is the reason why sustainable devices and technologies, both active and passive, have been applied to every aspect of its realization, in order to limit the use of building materials and their impact on the environment.

Italo Rota, Padiglione Kuwait, EXPO 2015
Italo Rota, Kuwait Pavilion, EXPO 2015

Kuwait Pavilion EXPO 2015
Client: State of Kuwait
Contractor: Nussli Italia S.r.l.
Design: Studio Italo Rota
Construction site opening: June 2014
Pavilion completion: April 2015
Size Area: 2.790 sqm

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