Designomics: Korea at 100% Design

Designomics is the theme for the 100% Design London 2009 Korea Design Pavilion. According to designomics, “good design” should exhibit a balanced mix of cultural and economic content. Designomics is just one indicator of how determined Korea is in striving to create value by merging design and industry in a creative manner, industrialising design, and using design to distinguish itself around the world. Designomics is not just about applying design to economic or industrial sectors, but also about combining design and economic values. As design is considered by many to be a source of growth for Korea in the 21st century, “designomics” is very appropriate for the theme of the Korean pavilion in London.

Hatch, BD Lighting
The theme of a hat and that of a match are put together to become a new design. This kind of unexpected concept is not only unique, but will also add pleasure to our lives. Its basic form, which is the shape of a match standing on a round base, is designed to be minimal and fun. Its design is also intended to provide pop-artistic images.

Spill Milk Teapot, Another Ceramic
The kettles are divided in half. It is possible to present this work in various ways, as it could be laid down or hung on a wall. It looks like the milk is about to spill over, adding a thrilling feel. Because the middle part is sunken, it can be used to serve food at tea time. It can serve 2-3 persons and it is a useful interior item. Additionally, it is convenient to store between uses due to its compact size.

Bookshelf, Design Artist Shawn Soh
This piece is not like your rectangular and bulky book case. Books become blooms on a tree by just being there on the book shelves. The steel book case was inspired by a distant childhood memory of writing and putting a letter between twigs. You can stack your books on tree branches and the whole bookshelf becomes a great object in your home.

Flat Lightning, DMO
Flat Lightning that looks like a simple graphic on the wall. It’s just a wire frame shape and there is no light bulb. But we can see the light under the frame. It doesn’t need much space. Just lean it against the wall. This flat light emphasizes the beauty of its super-slim shape.

Cloud Recorder, rEDCLOUDY
"Find and follow your cloud." Even when you are not looking up at the sky, clouds are always up there. But when you do look at the sky, you might find a cloud you like quite much. That cloud is now in your hand as a notebook. It reminds you of a good day on which you can enjoy nature. Spreading open 180 degrees, it is convenient to use. You can easily tear out pages. The pages consist of cloud-drawn paper, manuscript paper with red lines, section paper, a legal pad, and coloured craft paper.

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