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Luigi Caccia Dominioni

Lessons in architecture

Remembering the master Luigi Caccia Dominioni, who sadly passed away, with a recent article published on Domus for his 100th birthday, when we met him at his home to peruse the details of some of his buildings that have become immaculate examples of good building practice.


Sketch taken from a study (right) by Louis I. Kahn for the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, New York, 15 March 1973.

Editorial: Against formalism

Modernity at stake: back to Ronchamp

Reflecting upon the subjects of monuments, sites and places, the historian Carlo Olmo brings us to the hill of Bourlémont to speak to us of the current extension of the concept of heritage with respect to modernism and its restoration.

Designing and teaching

Occasionally being like a pupil is this Neapolitan maestro’s special way of reconciling his dual profession as an architect and a teacher, in the awareness that one can only teach what one knows.

Design Academy Eindhoven

Nella culla del “Dutch design”, la scuola dove è nato il collettivo Droog, i professori hanno tutti attività indipendenti e, pur insegnando materie tradizionali, come disegno e teoria dei colori, invitano
gli studenti fin da subito ad affinare le loro capacità pratiche e a tuffarsi nella ricerca e nell’attività degli studi di design.

03. A way of working

Years ago, when printers were beginning to shut up shop, Alan Kitching bought one of their printing presses and a large collection of lead and wood type. Since then, he has produced his own work, in an exquisite blend of design and manual typesetting.

Compasso d’Oro

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Compasso d’Oro, we have reprinted here Gio Ponti’s acceptance speech for the award in 1956. His words are still extraordinarily modern for inciting architects to rise to the challenge of civilised competition in improving the well-being of humanity.

The dream that comes from your own house

The poetically iconic realm of the house, familiar to everyone, is the artistic focus of Hubert Kiecol’s work, resulting in his signature unity of sculpture and architecture. From an exquisitely architectural point of view, Fritz Neumeyer offers us a very precise analysis of the German artist’s pieces.

In the body of the city

The curator of the Italian Pavilion at the 14th Venice Biennale describes it to Domus as an architectural project proper. As he says, it is rather like putting together a magazine and focused on defining the concept of modernity peculiar to the Italian design culture.

Warm forms

The innovation of a seemingly modest technological object, the radiator, has been through a formal and technical redefinition. Designed to solicit the user’s empathy, Rift can be used and installed with the utmost flexibility.

Time of diversity

The eminent Italian designer gives Domus readers a preview of the monographic show dedicated to him by the MAXXI in Rome, with a reflection on the meaning of curating, the importance of pluralist expression and multidisciplinariness, and on the value of differences.

Place Schuman, Brussels

Unity between architecture and urban planning lies central to this Belgian architect’s work, as demonstrated in a recent project that transforms a symbolic but architecturally undefined location in Brussels into a people-oriented public space.

Students take the floor

The Roosevelt Memorial, New York

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan is one of Louis I. Kahn’s last projects. Built some 40 years after his death, it still testifies to the great capacity of his architecture to shape the surroundings.  

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park in New York

Altenburg Abbey Museum

The patient and meticulous renewal given to the Altenburg Abbey by these Austrian architects, underway since a few years now, reveals and implements the structural stratification of the monumental complex in a combination of archaeology and new exhibition spaces.

A new square in London

After 150 years, the square in front of King’s Cross Station has been freed of the canopy that hid the walking routes beneath it and redesigned using simple shapes to manage the hugely complex transport connections.

Lessons in architecture

Domus celebrates the master’s 100th birthday by meeting him at his home to peruse the details of some of his buildings that have become immaculate examples of good building practice.

The italian talent for habitation

We went to see Carlo Molteni at his company headquarters and visited it together, on foot and by car, to report on it to our readers. The Giussano-based factory, founded 80 years ago, represents the very best that our country can produce in the sphere of living.

Rassegna: Kitchen

Feedback: Joseph Rykwert’s London

Elzeviro: The dialectics of control