Milan. A mini-apartment with little space but many uses

Taac! Just over thirty square meters but - thanks to a system of mobile and sliding elements - there is no lack of living space.

Taac! Apartment

How many things can be done in a small space? Certainly a lot, and the book Small Homes, Grand Living (Gestalten) gives some examples. This small apartment in Milan is also an inspiration, in the recently redeveloped area of the Darsena, via Savona, via Tortona. This space before the renovation was unusable: not ordered, it was very difficult to use and without quality, very poorly lit.

Intended for medium and short stays, this studio offers a sliding wall that, depending on the position, recreates the living and sleeping areas. The service spaces are delocalized such as the kitchen, the entrance and the bathroom are positioned on the edges of the main space, further from the light coming from the windows. These are the fixed elements from which mobile and opening elements have been conceived to guarantee different spatial combinations. From a formal point of view, the project consists of containment cupboards of two types: fixed and mobile. The fixed ones accommodate service areas and functions such as, storage room, kitchen and bed laundry. The mobile ones contain temporary functions, such as the study area and the desk for fast breakfasts / lunches, and the walk-in closet. The living space is divided into three different areas, one with fixed cabinets, one with sliding and folding cabinets, and one without large elements and furnished with moving parts.

PLANAIR®, Cesare Galligani
Danilo Monzani, Fulvio Giannotti, Andrea Zammataro
Taac! Apartment
29,5 sqm
Milan, Navigli area, Darsena

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