An immersive simulation that rotates at the speed of the sun

“Sans Titre / Material Phases of Suns” is the new project by the artist Christine Corday, presented at Palazzo Mora on the occasion of the Biennale of Architecture.

American multidisciplinary artist Christine Corday presents “Sans Titre / Material Phases of Suns”, a new project on view until 21 November 2021 at Palazzo Mora, Venice.

The project is part of “Time Space Existence”, an exhibition organised by the European Cultural Centre on the occasion of the Venice Biennale of Architecture, and represents an extension of the collaboration between Corday and ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor). ITER is working on the creation of a “tokamak”, literally a “Sun on Earth“, capable of simulating the energy principles that power the sun. The project is conceived on a global scale and requires contributors from thirty-five different countries to manufacture specialised components to (re)create the Sun. With an M30 bolt weighing one kilo and forged with metals from ancient stars, Corday is the 36th and final participant.

Sans Titre / Material Phases of Suns from different line of sight. Image: © 2021 Christine Corday and Stephen Mangiat.

"Sans Titre / Material Phases of Suns" marks the continuation of the "Sans Titre" project. At Palazzo Mora, a monumental simulation projects particles that rotate in real time at the same speed of the Sun, completing one full rotation every twenty-six days during the six months of the Biennale of Architecture.

The exhibition is accompanied by a digital platform on which it is possible to watch the artist's bolt materialise over the course of the six months.

According to Corday, “all matter on Earth shares the same material provenance of the stars and was once adjacent to each other, having an intimacy indifferent to scale, and my work takes interest in this shared quality of the material, the shared architecture of the elemental. All materials are both inseparable witnesses and participants in a multibillion year changing form. The universe works in a medium that is the clay of my studio. The universe has sculptor’s tools and as an artist, I use them.”

Sans Titre / Material Phases of Suns
Artist, Concept, Sound:
Christine Corday
Palazzo Mora, Venezia
21 maggio - 21 novembre 2021
Technical Direction, Design, Sound:
Stephen Mangiat
Project Advisors:
GMUNK; Aaron Koblin
Production Design:
Chris Jones
Jarred Grimes
Exhibition Curation:
Special Thanks:
ITER; Mark Cheung/LMSAL

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