Little Ashes’ new video fuses organic architecture and body

A sinuous dance, in tune with the shapes of the architecture of Casa Orgánica: this is the music video for The Temple. A Domus exclusive.

Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti, two experimental artists renowned in the Los Angeles performance art scene, masterfully capture the essence of Casa Orgánica, architect Javier Senosiain’s project in Mexico City, in the new video for Little Ashes. A place inspired by the womb, an architecture free of angles and straight lines in which fluid movements prevail - just like inside a human body. Ania dances inside Casa Orgánica with improvised movements but in perfect synchrony with the surrounding space. 

Little Ashes himself commented: “Ania moving through that space feels to me like she’s moving through her own body, her own temple, and thus a perfect rendering of an inner journey like the one I had experienced creating the music.”

Still frame from the video “The Temple”.
Still frame from the video

And so, as the music picks up the pace and the sounds become distorted, Ania’s movements become more articulated: as if stuck inside her own body, a sequence of rapid and chaotic shots communicate the difficulty of a journey into her subconscious.

“The improvised movement in the video is me actually trying to wake up my inner voice, find it, listen to it, shake it out, heat up my insides, dig out my breath, connect to my innermost self.” Ania explains. “The hope is that the raw journey of me returning to my body represents a larger sense of coming home and resonates with audiences who are also in the process of reconnecting to whatever their 'temple' is.”

Still frame from the video “The Temple”.
Still frame from the video

In some scenes, Ania and Dejha used a lens designed by Jordan Söderberg Mills, a Canadian artist and designer famous for his installations that blend light, materials and design, in order to produce layered colour effects in the camera.

The video culminates with the exhausted dancer falling to the ground, completing her journey of introspection.

Watch the video here exclusively for 24 hours:

The Temple
Little Ashes
Direct by:
Ania Catherine e Dejha Ti
Ania Catherine
Director of photography:
Dejha Ti
Artist (Light and Optics):
Jordan Söderberg Mills
Javier Senosiain

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