Röfix: clean air indoors

Röfix is a company that specializes in developing high-quality building materials and products that improve air quality in houses and public spaces.

In our homes, just like at our offices and in public spaces, we live side by side with toxic substances that can jeopardize the quality of the air around us.

As various studies have revealed, the concentration of pollutants can be significantly higher indoors (up to five times higher) compared to outdoors.

When designing a project, architects create spaces that promote air ventilation and an adequate flow of natural light, taking advantage of the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. However, the building materials used also play an important part.

Röfix is specialized in developing and producing advanced building materials and technologies: plaster systems, innovative thermal insulation solutions, renovation products, concretes, screeds, and modern paints. Established in 1888 in Vorarlberg, Röfix is openly committed to reducing the volatile pollutant emissions of its products both, during and after their use. This commitment is clear thanks to the labels on their products and packaging.

Röfix now boasts 20 certified products that are accredited for their low TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) not only according to French regulations, but also according to the German AgBB Testing and Evaluation Scheme.

Products by Röfix are certified Class A+ according to the French regulations; this means they have a maximum content of volatile organic compound reduced by 100 times, which minimizes their impact on the air quality of indoor spaces and on the health of people who use them. Röfix’s products are certified E.L.F. (Low/Free Emission and Solvent Certificate) by the Fraunhofer Institut in Karlsruhe, a specialized and AgBB approved testing center.

Both E.L.F. certified paints and products have a VOC index lower than 1 g/l, which is thirty times lower than what the European Directive requires – even when being used on our walls and in our homes, Röfix’s paints and products reduce our exposure to toxic substances to the minimum.

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