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Nardi SIPARIO 2 Recycled plastic garden partition

  • Collection: Sipario
  • Type: Recycled plastic garden partition
  • Materials: Plastic , Polypropylene (PP) , Recycled plastic
  • Designers: Raffaello Galiotto
  • Design year: 2020
  • Sipario is a modular partition wall system with a planter for outdoor use made of regenerated plastic. It features an elegant asymmetrical wide mesh design. Depending on the positioning of the individual modules, it allows you to create various configurations and optical effects. Thanks to special snap-on hooks, it allows you to create walls in various shapes - linear, split, curved and closed - and modules can be assembled up to 3 metres (over 2 metres) in height. Sipario is the second product included in the catalogue arising from the Nardi Regeneration industrial programme, which withdraws obsolete outdoor furniture to regenerate its plastic. It was created to meet the current requirement to separate the spaces of bars and restaurants, and to satisfy the ever-increasing need to live in an outdoor environment that is as natural as possible, also in urban contexts. Sipario coherently extends using a recycled and recyclable material with excellent physical and technical characteristics. It comes in a special colour in shades of slightly mottled brown with a matt finish. The modules are fitted with a special planter pot with a dual function: to make the partition walls heavier and to contain plants and flowers so that the separated spaces can be natural, private and elegant. Designed for the contract sector (but not only), the pot is self-watering, i.e. it has an 8-litre reservoir: water, poured through the hole at the top, flows into the plant-pot saucer and a special float indicates its level. It is very convenient and safe, since you do not need to tend to the plants every day; an essential feature for those who install it in a professional context. Sipario is easy to clean because it has no sharp edges. It can be easily assembled and stacked without having to use screws or tools. Once dismantled, it takes up very little space.

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