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Friul Mosaic

The voice of mosaic

A decorative technique that dates back five thousand years is renewed as a multifaceted language in constant evolution, finding in contemporary design an ideal field of expression.

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Arper and the continuous Salone

Starting from Salone 2018, Domusweb experiments with Arper new transversal forms of storytelling that define a virtual space for its product catalogue.

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From Marc Sadler to Matteo Thun: Radiators by Antrax

Set up at the end of the 1990s, the company, based in the Veneto region of Italy, brings to the creation of radiators all the predisposition towards heterogeneity and changeability found in contemporary design.

Surfaces that speak

Contaminations, patterns and material accents: ceramics return to the design in a strongly decorative key.

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