Udoq, the charging dock that eliminates wires

Compatible with smartphones, smartwatches and tablets, it is made from brushed metal with minimalist lines in order to be as versatile and “invisible” as possible.    

A metal bar which charges everything, eliminating cables while fitting in with the furniture. We tested Udoq, a device which promises to definitively eliminate that mass of cables which accumulates on the bedside tables, desks and furniture of every technophile. The concept is simple. A metal bar with a pedestal along which a rail runs. This can host small modules containing the plugs which physically charge our devices. You can add lightning chargers for Apple smartphones and tablets, USB-C and micro USBs for Android devices, and mix them around according to our devices.

Once they have been inserted, that’s it. You have a stand on which to vertically set tablets, smartphones, e-readers and supplementary batteries. As they are all held upright, you can see the screens and so don’t miss a single notification. But the real magic is hidden away. While the charger plug is visible, the other end, with the USB plug, is connected to a charger fixed to the back of the stand and enclosed in a black box hidden from view. This means that you can connect up to seven cables, but there is just one plug physically connecting Udoq to the wall outlet. This means that those cables will be invisible, providing for a much cleaner view.

As well as the convenience, there is the aesthetic aspect. The minimalist lines and the use of silver brushed metal allow Udoq to pass unobserved and fit in with all styles of furniture. The price varies according to the configuration. The company website lets you build your own Udoq. First the length of the bar is chosen, with lengths ranging from 25 centimetres to 70 centimetres, and then the number and type of connector.

If you want, there is even an online configurator which allows you to add your devices one by one by entering their names. They appear on the screen, showing you the effect Udoq will have once it has been installed at home, and letting you see exactly what you are buying. In any case, be prepared to spend from 110 euros for the smallest model, to over 250 for the 70-centimetre bar.

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