Matteo Cirenei: Milano

The architect and photographer Matteo Cirenei searchs for the abstract light of the Milanese winter to give buildings, more often building's details, a metaphisical space.

Matteo Cirenei, Grattacielo Pirelli, Milano 2008
Matteo Cirenei’s shots are thoughts in an architectural limbo, transformations of a shape into harmonious and pure aesthetics, one that starts off behind a camera whose archetypes originate from the artist’s subconscious re-experiencing architecture by looking at it.
Matteo Cirenei, La torre svelata, 2012
Top, detail from: Matteo Cirenei, Grattacielo Pirelli, Milano 2008; above: La torre svelata, 2012

With his photography, Matteo Cirenei presents poetic intertwinings of architectures, parallelisms, meeting of phenomenologies, which a long-distance upward glance manages capturing.

With his camera, he gives eternity to what isn’t, to architecture, through which he can capture the most fragile essence, art. Incomprehensible and intangible to the superficial look, Cirenei takes it in the forefront with enchanted games of light which take on deepness and abstract shapes in an aesthetic language.

Matteo Cirenei, Complesso abitativo “Monte Amiata”, Milano, 2009
Matteo Cirenei, Complesso abitativo “Monte Amiata”, Milano, 2009

Ambiguity is a great attractive element for Matteo Cirenei, he indeed always seeks the spot where change and possible aesthetic opportunities offered by architecture converge. Shapes chosen by Cirenei are associations of lights, geometric intertwining, juxtapositions, sophistications and elegance. With his photographs, where the main subjects are urban, the artist re-interprets buildings with a personal language, telling not just of aesthetics but also of the lonely poetry of places already lived and rediscovered in unexpected moments.

Baudelaire says in the L’Invitation au voyage “the misty suns of those changeable skies have for me the same mysterious charm as your fickle eyes shining through their tears” and it’s in this phrase we again find the poetry of the utopian time of an artist who is really such, in his loneliness. Capable of breathing and conceiving also the dreamlike essence of tangible truths.

until 8 March 2014
Prima Visione 2013
I fotografi e Milano, group show
Galleria Bel Vedere
via Santa Maria Valle 5 Milano

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