Using holograms, modularity, and robots, Layer redesigns the smart home connectivity

The British design studio partnered with Deutsche Telekom Design to create three routers that break through their usual role as overlooked and banal connectivity gateways.

British Design Studio Layer and Deutsche Telekom Design have introduced three new concepts that try to invent a new role for the internet router in our living spaces. The Concept T project consists of three devices - View, Level, and Buddy - that enrich the usual router functionality with additional capabilities.

Concept View is a smart home hub shaped like a glass dome that doubles as a holographic video interface. Inside the dome, three-dimensional visuals are projected and float in a 3D fashion above the base unit. 
According to Layer, the device could be used to place holographic video calls, interact with a three-dimensional virtual assistant, or visualize home-relevant data in 3D.

Concept Level maintains standard router functions but incorporates a modular design. It evolves into a sculptural piece customizable by the user, allowing it to adapt to many different home spaces.

Among the modules are a WiFi-sensing unit, a mesh network extender to improve WiFi connectivity, and a computational component tailored for Web3 applications, such as blockchain verification.

Last but not least, Concept Buddy envisions a mobile router integrated into a companion-like robot. The device can show data on its head display or project it onto any flat surface. It is designed to perform various functions, including overseeing smart home systems, facilitating video conferencing, or monitoring air quality.

Layer has developed a fully operational prototype of the holographic smart home center Concept View and has created semi-operational versions of Level and Buddy, both equipped with functional screens and illumination.

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