In memory of Franco Miragliotta (1963-2020)

On Sunday 12 July our friend and colleague Franco, a graphic designer with a passion for music and saxophone, passed away. After many years of editorial life, after having worked together at 200 issues and supplements with seven different directors, we will miss him very much, both personally and professionally.

Franco Miragliotta (al centro) al lavoro in redazione, tra Italo Rota (a sinistra) e Alessandro Mendini

Dear Franco,

we, your friends from Domus, are speechless, because we did not have the time yet to find any word.

“From Sunday on, all I can think of is a painting by Guttuso”, writes Cristina Moro. “It’s a funeral where there are red flags, high and around many black and white faces. Those faces are us, who don’t even have the words to greet you properly, shocked to have lost you”.

We still have the laughter and the precise sensation of your open smile. You were able to pay attention to everyone: each one in a different but special way, naturally able to transforming the professional relationship into friendship, always present for any of us as life went by: degrees, promotions, victories, illnesses, marriages, bereavements, births, birthdays. You’ve always been there, in your elegant and delicate way. In your way of being a rock and a column. That same way of being always there for the first coffee in the morning, with your hat on your head and cigarette in your mouth, walking up and down the courtyard with your hands in your pocket, always full of thoughts, restless, alive. The first to arrive and often the last to leave the office. You’ve managed to make everyone love you. You had it easy.

Renato Guttuso, I funerali di Togliatti, 1972. Associazione Enrico Berlinguer (deposito permanente)
Renato Guttuso, I funerali di Togliatti, 1972. Mambo, Istituzione Bologna Musei, Associazione Enrico Berlinguer (permanent storage)

“You’ve got us used to your pastiere cakes, prepared at first by your wife Maria and after by your daughter Martina. We exchanged films, documentaries, songs, some books, the ricotta cheese croissants Rita used to bring in the morning, especially when we were working on weekends. We exchanged plants, stories, gifts, advice” (Giulia Guzzini). You told us about the slush you only eat in summer at Capo d’Orlando, about the fish market with fresh clams that spit on you. You talked about something you were building, you sat in the archive and told, puffed or laughed... You even listened, because you knew how to listen.

And now we think about your elegant vests, your fancy scarves, your sax, the music that filled your soul, the hours you spent playing, the referee’s whistle, your irreverent jokes and your curious look at everything. And we know that we will miss you, that we will look for you in the editorial office before coming to terms with your absence. We’ve had the privilege of working with you and being friends. We’ll always remember you, with a smile.

Opening image: Franco Miragliotta (centre) at work in the editorial office, between Italo Rota (left) and Alessandro Mendini.

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