Denboran Zehar

For the Bilbao’s literature festival, the art collective Lunzinterruptus created a notebook’s installation, as the result of a participative project that involved the schools of the area.

Luzinterruptus, Denboran Zehar, Bilbao 2017
Last April Luzinterruptus was invited by Azkuna Zentroa to carry out an installation to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Gutun Zuria (Bilbao Internacional Literature Festival). The piece was called “Denboran Zehar” (Trough Time).
The concept was to make the traces left by time visible over a material associated with creation. So they decided for those basic white paper notebooks so feared by artists when they are blank, and so beloved when they have been satisfactorily used, even becoming true objects of devotion despite their modest appearance.  


In order to do this, they used 5,000 recycled paper notebooks, left outdoors at the Azkuna Zentroa terrace for 25 days, with the intention of letting time and the weather work their charms on them at their own pace. Prior to this, Luzinterruptus invited people to personalize them by anonymously leaving their thoughts on the notebook’s pages on any topic they chose. They explained that, whatever they might do, it was going to be deteriorated and that they couldn’t guarantee its physical integrity.

Luzinterruptus, Denboran Zehar, Bilbao 2017
Luzinterruptus, Denboran Zehar, Bilbao 2017
Despite these conditions, they received 4,000 utilised notebooks thanks to the participation of the schools in the area and also to the activities programmed by the center for this purpose. Among their pages, there were true jewels of creation and thought, many amazing drawings, protest messages containing large doses of humor, good stories, tales, and a lot of jokes.
Time and Bilbao’s harsh climate took care of shaping the notebooks until turning them into rather three-dimensional imperfect, deteriorated pieces. These interventions surely suffered severe mutations and both, the colors and the materials, eventually blended, blurring the messages so, to our surprise, everything ended up acquiring a strange homogeneity within the purest eclecticism.
Luzinterruptus, Denboran Zehar, Bilbao 2017
Luzinterruptus, Denboran Zehar, Bilbao 2017
Then the notebooks were illuminated one by one and become an installation in the building’s atrium, a space open to the street which, far from being considered an interior, it is used as a continuation of the street. The circular installation invaded all the space changing the transit flow of users in order to make them more revolving. At the end of the festival the notebooks were given to people to take home.

Through time
Bilbao, 2017

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